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Roatan Students in classroom

Abundant Life Foundation

Volunteer Opportunities in Roatan

Volunteer Opportunities in Roatan

Our owners founded the Abundant Life Foundation, a nonprofit creating opportunities for Hondurans in the Bay Islands through educational and community development programs. Through our close partnership, we offer guests the opportunity to volunteer and give back to the Honduran community while theyare in Roatan.

How Guests Can Get Involved

  • Volunteer with ALF (arrangements can be made a reception)
    • Cleaning/painting houses or general property maintenance
    • English tutoring or reading with children
    • Agricultural farm work
    • Basic home construction
  • Make a donation to ALF
  • Bring school supplies to donate (leave with reception upon arrival)
  • Follow ALF on Facebook and Instagram
Young girl smiling
David Dachner at the Grand Roatan opening ceremony

Get To Know David Dachner

David was born in California, USA in 1954. He studied Business with a background in Geology and received his Business degree in 1978 from the University of Colorado at Boulder. He entered the petroleum exploration business in 1978 and remains in that business today, developing oil and natural gas wells primarily in Texas. He is the President and sole owner of Amarado Oil Company, Ltd., a U.S. company for the last 38 years. He is involved in a few real estate ventures and investments in the U.S. and Honduras, the largest being the owner/developer of the now Kimpton Grand Roatan Resort & Spa. The original 48 key resort has been expanded to a 119 key property, being managed by U.S. brand, Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants. The full-service sustainable, green luxury conference resort is the first of its kind in Honduras and was opened in September 2023.

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Outside of his business, David is the President of the Abundant Life Foundation since 2004. Primary activities of the foundation include providing funding of projects and operations in the Bay Islands of Honduras with 3 pillars: conservation, education, and community development. The Abundant Life Foundation has offices in Austin, Texas, and in Roatan, where it employs 15 full-time staff.

David spends a considerable amount of time on his charitable activities at home and abroad. He, and his board, have built a cinder block 3 room structure on the north side of the island of St. Helene, purposed as a community school. Also, at their community development project, Los Sueños in Flowers Bay on Roatan, they have constructed a 200-person church, a K-12 school, a computer center, a library/reading room, 2 cement sports courts, a 80 home community development project and Roatan’s first public park.

“Los Sueños, The Dreams” is the largest of the foundation projects. The purpose is to build affordable-- not free--housing for those islanders in Roatán who can’t afford to own a home of their own, but deserve one. The project is not just about housing, but community development. It is designed to create “community” where the owners are responsible and accountable for their homes and area. For an island of 100,000 people that has no public parks, this is the first where families will have a fun place for connection, relationship growth and security.

In addition to Los Sueños, the foundation has a growing bilingual language program with 200 children attending in 2023. Most of the children who graduate from 6th grade are not able to read and write in their native language, English. ALF has committed to providing a free and voluntary after school program for children of grades 1-6 to teach them and prepare them for life on the Bay Islands.

David is and his wife Brenda reside in Austin, Texas USA and have a 19-year-old daughter, Anna, who is attending Baylor University, in Waco, Texas. He remains active travelling and golfing and enjoys outdoor activities.

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